Custom Cabinets


At West-World Cabinets, we are passionate about designing and building custom commercial cabinets that meet the customers expectations, are easy to install, and are long lasting.  We take pride in meeting all of these goals on each unique job we do.

Custom cabinets are an important component of commercial interiors.  The design, finish, color, and form all come together to help define a space, while they perform the primary goal of providing ergonomically usable storage.

We firmly believe at West-World that quality materials are the foundation of a quality product.  Care goes into the selection of the right plywood, laminate, banding materials, veneer, hardwoods, hardware, and finish materials for each custom cabinet we make.  It's important to us that our custom cabinets look good not only today, but years from now.  On every custom commercial cabinet job West-World takes on, we choose the right materials to make the best product.


Quality start with consistency.  At West-World, we employ the 32 millimeter construction system for our commercial cabinets.  We offer all standard laminate brands including Wilsonart, Nevamar, and Formica, as well as many of the popular solid surface brands including Hi-Macs, Hanex, and more.  Standardizing on construction methods not only insures quality, it keeps your cost down.

West-World custom cabinets are designed for ease of installation, and finished to meet the design intent of the customer and blend seamlessly into the interior space.  We want our product to stand out for the success of everyone involved.