CNC Router and Edgebanding Services

We offer CNC routing and edge banding services to local shops and contractors.  Both our 5x10 CNC router and SCM edgebander are new in 2019.  We can take your layout in most any format for processing.  Let us know if we can help you on your next project.

Cabinet Services

West-World provides luxurious custom cabinetry with a variety of woods, finishes, styles, and details, making our cabinetry stand out in a room. You can choose from our preset styles or design all features of your custom cabinets.

You get infinite choices and limitless possibilities for door styles, frames, drawers, hinges, and more.  You can choose various designs and brands.  We even get the hardware needed to construct your custom cabinetry.  We design and construction cabinets for both residential and commercial projects.

CNC Router and Edgebanding Services

We offer CNC routing services of various sheet goods, including plywood, particle board, laminated panels, MDF, Chemetal, plexiglass and other acrylics.