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To get the most out of a reach-in closet, a well thought out design is crucial.  West-World has the design expertise and 3D modeling required to get the most out of your reach-in closet organization system.  Our years of experience in designing, fabricating, and installing reach-in closets will help you accommodate any wardrobe.  We use durable and beautiful textured laminates to provide you with a long-lasting closet system.

Let us help you customize your reach-in closet design with such accessories as hanging rods, pull-out hampers, pull-out racks, pull-out shelves, tie racks, angled shoe shelves, and more.  We have a huge number of optional accessories that can personalize your reach-in closet!


Kids Reach-In Closets

Closet for children have different design requirements than adult closets.  For example, space for toys and books are often required.  Taking height into account (both current and allowing for growth), factors into our designs.  Parents appreciate having an organized space that helps their kids get ready every morning.  We typically design adjustable shelving into our children's closets since their storage needs are every changing, along with their ever changing height!  Incorporating low hanging clothing rods along with shoe organizers at floor level allow kids to choose their outfit each day.

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