Frequently Asked Questions

Some cabinetry jobs can be priced by the linear foot – in which case I only need to know the dimensions of the room and the style of cabinetry you want to build. Most custom work, however, requires properly detailed design drawings. For smaller custom projects, I can usually give you a ballpark price for your project based on a simple sketch. Larger projects require a design phase prior to me providing you an estimate. If you don’t already have a designer you are working with, I can provide you with an estimate to complete a design for the project you have in mind.

Due to the size of San Diego county, I do not drive all over town giving bids on projects that we may or may not end up doing. Some people just have unrealistic ideas about what custom cabinetry should cost… and we don’t want to find that out AFTER we’ve spent 3 hours to look at a job.

So, for the most part, we only give free estimates via email.

It is certainly easier and more efficient for the client to take a tape measure and measure their wall and email that measurement to us than it is for us to drive 40 miles to do the same thing. And much faster, too. (If you can get me all the basic dimensions and details of your project today-I can usually give you at least a rough estimate of cost-today.)

After 20 years in construction I’ve learned that most of the folks that contact me are mainly looking for that-a quick idea of what the cost will be-in order to determine if (a) they have the budget for the project and / or (b) my pricing is as good or better than the other bids they have received. And the quickest way to do that is via email.

There is a contact form on the site that you can use to send me all the details, plans, drawings, attach pics of the space as it is now, attach pics or links to things that you like, etc.

All of San Diego county. Much of our work is in Coronado, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad, Encinitas, and La Jolla. We have done work in all parts of the county.

A kitchen job may take several weeks to design, build and finish, and another week to install. Smaller projects like an entertainment center may take a week to build and a day or two to install. The overall lead time depends on how busy our shop is, so to give a general timeline I usually say 4-6 weeks.

We do give free estimates – just not “in home”. Until all of the basic details are worked out we prefer to work via email. Typically we would not come out to meet with a client until they are ready to sign and contract for the work and put down the 50% deposit. San Diego is just too big and we’re too booked to drive around town chasing work. In order to keep our costs low we don’t hire salesmen or drive around town giving “free estimates”. If you take measurements, make drawings, scan photos, etc. and send them to me and I will happily work up some prices up for you. Another option is to meet me at my shop with your drawings in hand. You can call me to setup a meeting at 619-287-4403.

Absolutely. Upon request I can send you several clients like you that we’ve done work for in the recent past.

Because everything we do is job-built and one-of-a-kind we do not need to have a showroom. Home Depot has a showroom. Lowes has a showroom. IKEA has a showroom. There are dozens of cabinet retailers who sell factory cabinets in Houston that have showrooms. But that’s not the product we produce. So, no showroom.

Our photo galleries are basically our showroom. Just a few clicks of the mouse and you can see a broad range of what we can do. A physical showroom would also mean more overhead, more employees-and ultimately, higher prices for our customers. We prefer to stay lean and mean and you end up benefiting from that in the end.

Our company has been in business since 1979. I took the reigns from my father in law when he retired in 2005. Due to our longevity, we have a broad range of experience doing everything from kitchens and baths to television news sets, speaker cabinets, and radio station furniture. All of the carpenters on my crews also have 20 – 25 years of finish cabinetry experience. So, we’ve pretty much seen and done it all before.

Thank you for stopping by the site. Hit the Contact button above to shoot us an email with details about your job. We’d love to hear from you!

Matthew O’Meara
West-World Custom Cabinets, San Diego, CA